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Ben Hokum & Son Limited
Ben Hokum & Son Limited is situated on the north shore of Golden Lake, along highway 60, adjacent to the village of Killaloe. This family-operated company was established from humble beginnings in 1956 and has grown to be the largest sawmill in Renfrew County. Ben Hokum and Son Ltd. has aggressively kept pace with advancing technology to optimise the utilisation of small, marginal sawlogs that form a large part of today's harvest. The company operates two sawmills consisting of a large log mill using a carriage for its primary breakdown and a highly automated, high production small log mill. hokum_equip.jpg

Bonnechere Madawaska Sustainable Forestry Alliance Inc. (BMSFA)
choker.jpg The harvest rights that were formerly provided to independent loggers have been assigned to BMSFA, a share-holding corporation of the independent loggers and sawmills with a history of purchasing Crown harvest rights under the former Tendered Sales allocation. While all independent loggers were given an opportunity to become part of the SFL, only a core group of loggers and sawmills were prepared to assume the costs and the risks of joining the SFL venture.

Gulick Forest Products Ltd.
gulick_aerial2.jpg Located in Palmer Rapids, the Gulick sawmill and harvest operations are another example of the many family owned and operated businesses dependent, at least in part, on the resources of the Ottawa Valley Forest. Gulick Forest Products has evolved to make the best use and maximise the value from the available timber. Updates to their sawmill include a planing section and chippers that have been added to recover fibre for the pulp, paper and composite industries.

Hec Clouthier and Sons Inc.
The history of this family logging company now spans four generations. As a partner in both the Ottawa Valley Forest and the neighbouring Nipissing Forest SFL, Hec Clouthier and Sons Inc. provide employment for 25 people in the harvesting and transport of wood from their traditional harvest area . They are proud of their progressive responsibility to the forests demonstrated by a suite of renewal and maintenance successes. buncher.jpg

Herb Shaw and Sons Limited
pole_yard_2.jpg The Shaw lumbering and harvesting operations have been operated by the Shaw family for more than 150 years and five generations. Located in Pembroke and Petawawa, the company operates a sawmill, planing and kiln drying facilities, and a pole peeler. Herb Shaw and Sons are also shareholders in the adjacent Mazinaw-Lanark SFL and have timber rights with the Algonquin Forest Authority.

John Stewart Forest Products Ltd.
This family owned and operated logging company has employed several generations of Stewarts over the past 60 years. The Stewart operation presently employs the five Stewart brothers, as well as a number of hired contractors in the harvest and transport of timber from their traditional harvest area in the Deep River area. In additon to harvesting their own allocation, the Stewarts are also the principal logging contractor on the Ben Hokum and Son allocation. Stewarts_skidder.jpg

Algonquins of Pikwakanagan - Randy Commanda Forestry
The Algonquins of Pikwakanagan are represented by Randy Commanda Forestry who is an overlapping licensee with a harvest allocation and an associate partner in the SFL. A small timber allocation was provided by MNR to the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan in the 1996-2001 FMP to improve their share of benefits from the forest. 

Murray Bros. Logging Company Ltd.
Owned and operated by Murray Bros. Lumber Company Ltd., Murray Bros. is another family business that has been operating since 1902. Located just outside of Renfrew County in the village of Madawaska, this modern sawmill with dry kilns, planers and chipping capacity is one of the largest sawmills in the region, producing 40 million board feet per year. Murray Bros. sell lumber throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and the Pacific rim. MLB_logs.jpg

Norampac-Trenton Casacades Containerboard Packaging


corrugatedpaper.jpg Cascades Containerboard Packaging is a division of Cascades Canada ULC and is the largest containerboard producer in Canada and the 7th largest in North America. They are also a major Canadian manufacturer of corrugated products. Today, the company operates 7 linerboard and corrugating medium mills and 26 box plants in Canada, the United States, and France. The mill in Trenton, Ontario manufactures corrugated medium from virgin and recycled fibres. This mill has a long history of supporting sustainable forestry on both Crown and private lands.

Thomas J. Neuman Ltd.
T.J. Neuman Ltd. is a family owned sawmill business operating in the south-west corner of the Pembroke District since 1950. With a sawmill in Palmer Rapids, this company is also part of the neighbouring Bancroft-Minden SFL. Employing a small full-time workforce, the mill operates year-round to produce 9 million board feet of lumber annually from a full range of species. Their lumber markets are primarily in Ontario and Quebec, but they also access the export market as opportunities arise. Neuman Mill_web.JPG
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